Servicios complementarios

Extra Services


Our showflat service is an essential parte of marketing which helps in the desicion of the future buyer. A well furnished and dressed space shows more spacious and gives the feeling of a home right from the beginning. Buyers often don’t have the imagination when they see an empty space. We try to highlight the stengths of the property and transform it in a place where they want to live in. We increase their emotions and their desire to buy.

Voilà! provides developers, builders or investors with showflat property dresseing services to improve buyer appeal and increase sales.

Photography sessions

Good photographs highlight the potential of a home and can multiply their visits. With the use of on-line portals,  a potential buyer is able to not put any interest in a property because of their photographs is less than 3 seconds.

Do not miss this opportunity and let us take some awesome photos. A picture is worth more than a thousand words!

On line advice

If you have a low budget but you are (or know) a handyman, we can help you to have the house or the business of your dreams. We offer you a personalized digital project in a magazine format where you will find the ideal distribution, the range of colors, and each of the productos that you will need.  We sill give you a shopping list with info where to buy them and how much they will cost you. Do it yoursefl!

Virtual Images / 3D

We combine the latest infographic to visualize, before the reform, what will be the final result. If you want to have some realistic images of the result of your investment, this is your service.

In adition, if you want to sell your home “to reform”, with this option we give you the possibility to show your potential client the possibilities of the property.

An economic resource for sellers, real estate agencies and developers.


If you want something special we can also offer our styling service for photographic sessions, for your house or business, for different events, window dressing or ephemeral installations.